The earth is one of our greatest teachers.  When we are open to their wisdom, all beings that inhabit the earth -- plants, animals, spirit and human -- can offer us tremendous teachings, guidance, and support.   Tapping into this source of deep knowledge, I work with high vibration energies of light, ancient truths, and medicine of the heart. 

I am here to honor and celebrate the sacredness of life.  My work is held as a prayer and is offered as a vehicle for personal and collective healing, deepening awareness, and self-transformation.  I am humbly honored to hold space for each of us to re-connect with our deep center and align with our highest source.

"Tamara shares extremely rare gifts with her clients: remarkable psychic ability, loving kindness, powerful boundaries, sensitivity, wisdom, and the highest integrity. The sessions I have had with her have given me powerful insights into my life's path—lasting insights that have helped me feel more peaceful and make better choices along the way."

R.Y., Author and musician - Seattle, WA